How to Win Your Wife Back

It’s becoming easier these days to grow apart and have heard so many men tell me they are losing their wives. So I have written this article called how to win your wife back. I hope this helps restore the love of your life.   As we move forward sociologically and technologically, we are more apt to continue to grow as individuals years after previous generations had the opportunity.

The thing to remember is that a true relationship will always take work to maintain it.  It may have taken less work once upon a time, but to truly be a good one, you no more can stop putting effort into your marriage than you could stop putting effort into your job and still expect to receive a regular paycheck.

If you discover you’ve reached a point where you’ve lost or are close to losing your relationship, there are things you can do to figure out how to win your wife back.

Listen to and Support Her Feelings

If your wife is unhappy, there is probably a reason why.  Take the time to listen to what is bothering/hurting/annoying her.  It may not be easy to hear, but once the issue is out in the open, the better able you are to work toward a solution.

Men and Women experience emotions differently so sometimes it’s difficult to understand what she is feeling.  The truth is, you don’t need to know exactly how she feels, you just need to recognize and understand that what she is feeling should be taken seriously.

Back Off and Give Her Some Space.

The old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” does have some merit.  There is nothing wrong with taking a break from each other.  This could be a pivotal step in how to win your wife back.

The difference between a “break” and a “break-up” is planning and communication.  Even if she’s already made a move to leave, if she’s willing to talk things over, there is still time to discuss what’s happening.

Once the break begins, make sure you give her the space she needs to suitably have the time to clear her head and think things through.  This means:

  • Don’t call her regularly. In fact, let her know you won’t be calling her at all unless she asks you too. Just make sure she understands you’re saying this to give her space, not because you don’t want to talk to her.  The same goes for texting, emails or any other type of communication.
  • Do set up a time in advance when you can talk to each other. This could be a week, 2 weeks, a month, whatever you can agree upon.  To make sure you’ve both had enough of an initial breather, I recommend waiting at least 7
  • Do call a counselor or a trusted friend who can support you and make suggestions on how to win your wife back.
  • Keep calm, polite and self-controlled on all occasions you are around each other.
  • Do not obsessively try to have serious discussions every time you talk.

If You are Asking “How to Get My Wife Back” – Take a Look at Yourself

Take time to self-evaluate. Be honest with yourself about what part of your relationship problems you have contributed to. Just keep in mind, when determining how to win your wife back, this is a time to look at your contributions, not a time to be making up for them.

Don’t blame her, or try to defend yourself.  Just listen.

Stop All Negative Interactions.

When trying to understand how to respect her feelings, try to see the situation from a different perspective.  View this side of your wife more as a little girl who is hurt.  This may help you reign in any negative conversations or other behavior that will only make the situation worse.  Know that any negativity at this time will make the process of how to win your wife back much more difficult.

“Talk is Cheap”

Another old saying that can be used in so many scenarios, including this one.  We’ve all heard variations of this from different people, “I’ve changed. Let’s get back together. I’ve changed” or “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again, I’m sorry.”

These persuasions will only work once, maybe twice.  After that, she’s just going to think your full of shit, which will make it next to impossible to achieve any progress in how to win your wife back.

To truly show her you’ve changed, you have to demonstrate it.  If you can’t do that, you haven’t.

Discuss Getting Professional Help

If you are serious about discovering how to win your wife back the timing for this conversation is crucial. Consider how she’s feeling that day, what her schedule is, and her overall mood.

Begin by letting her know that you understand you’ve made mistakes and that you know you hurt her. No need to go into details, you’re just letting her know that you know. If she’s ready to listen, then move forward with the planning and set an appointment.